Owls Unveil Bold New Logos

by Sports Information Staff

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – In a move that is set to excite fans and redefine the team's visual identity, the Oklahoma City Owls have revealed their brand-new primary logo, wordmark, and football helmet designs. These updates mark a significant evolution in the team's aesthetic, aiming to capture the spirit and energy of Oklahoma City's beloved new football team.

The centerpiece of this rebranding is the new primary logo, which features a bold and modernized owl. The design highlights the team's fierce and competitive nature, with piercing eyes and a fighting stance that symbolizes both wisdom and power. The incorporation of dynamic lines and a sharp color palette ensures the logo stands out, making a striking impression both on and off the field.

Accompanying the primary logo is a refreshed wordmark that seamlessly integrates with the team's new visual direction. The wordmark employs a contemporary font with strong, clean lines that convey strength and clarity. The "Oklahoma City Owls" name is presented in a way that exudes confidence and professionalism, providing a cohesive look that will be used across various platforms, from team merchandise to digital media.

The most anticipated reveal is the new football helmet design, which has been crafted to reflect the team's forward-thinking approach. The helmet features a three-stripe logo prominently displayed, set against a matte background that enhances the overall sleekness of the design. The distinctive stripe pattern runs from front to back, adding a touch of flair while maintaining a strong sense of tradition and heritage.

These new logos and designs represent more than just a visual update; they are a testament to the Oklahoma City Owls' unwavering commitment to growth and innovation. As the team prepares for the upcoming season, these fresh branding elements are set to energize the fan base and establish a renewed sense of identity and pride, sparking a wave of excitement and anticipation for what's to come.

With the unveiling of these new logos, the Oklahoma City Owls are not just ready for a new season – they are ready to soar to new heights. Fans can look forward to seeing these striking designs in action, as the team takes the field with a bold new look that encapsulates the essence of what it means to be an Owl, instilling a sense of confidence and trust in our fans.

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About the Oklahoma City Owls

The Oklahoma City Owls are a professional football team competing in the National Gridiron League (NGL). Established with a mission to deliver thrilling football action and foster community engagement, the Owls are committed to excellence both on and off the field. As ambassadors of the sport, the Owls strive to inspire the next generation of athletes through youth programs and community initiatives, embodying the true spirit of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship.